Adding an Accent Wall in Your Home

Whether you have recently purchased your home or have been living there for years, adding an accent wall can completely transform a room. You can create a bold and exciting area in a space that was once boring and drab. Adding an accent wall is a very inexpensive DIY project that can create a new focal point in any room and give you a new contrast that makes a room come alive. Below are some ways to add an accent wall to your home.

A Basic Accent Wall

By simply painting a new color on a single wall, you can change the look of a room in one afternoon. You will want to pick a color that complements your overall design and your existing d├ęcor. Some common choices people use to create an accent wall include bright oranges and deep blues.

Accenting with Textures

Though a contrasting, bright paint is a great way to start an accent wall, there are many other options to really make your accent wall distinct and eye-catching. If you desire a more modern rustic look, consider adding wood planks from the floor to the ceiling to get that outdoorsy, natural feel. It will require more work than your basic accent wall painting, but it is still a rather inexpensive way to give your room a new feel. You can typically find some wood pallets by looking online at places like Craigslist. Once you have pallets, add some stain then attach them to your wall. Though it takes some time and effort, the end effect is well worth the work.

Add Murals, Patterns, ETC

Adding a painted wall or wood are both wonderful ways to transform a room, but there are other more dramatic ways to accent your walls. There are many options available for stenciling or adding wallpaper to your room. You can also add some great patterns by using oversized art or a bold mural. Painting an accent wall with chalk paint is a great way to make a room more fun and easily changeable.

Adding an accent wall is a very simple, inexpensive way to give your room a unique feel. Try the above techniques in your home.