Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

When you are a homeowner, you must deal with things breaking. You don’t want to have to always depend on your neighbors to rescue you or hire a handyman and spend your hard-earned money for a basic repair. Luckily, there’s no need to own a full arsenal of tools to keep your home in good shape. In fact, the five tools listed below will be handy in almost any situation when you need basic repairs on your home.

  1. Cordless drill: these have many uses in a home. You can use a cordless drill to hang hooks, shelves, and picture frames or to put on hinges, drawer pulls, or install cabinets. Whether you are making repairs or working on your to-do list, it is likely you will use your cordless drill quite often.
  2. Drain cleaners: thanks to the daily buildup of whisker clippings and hair falling out, your bathroom sink and shower drains are susceptible to regularly clogging. Most people turn to a liquid clog remover such as Drano, but the chemicals are not safe for your pets or children, and they leave an unpleasant chemical scent in your home. Rather than using a liquid drain cleaner, you can purchase a plastic drain cleaner that can reach way down into the drain and pull up all the gunk clogging it up. Check your local hardware store or Amazon to find the best price on these.
  3. Flashlight: when you must go into your crawlspace to make repairs, you will want something more powerful than your cell phone flashlight to see all the creepy crawlies and to better see what you are doing.
  4. Loppers: loppers come in quite handy for most of your landscaping needs. You may need to chop down unruly plants or remove vines, thick weeds, or damaged branches in your yard. Loppers will make it faster and easier work.
  5. Shop-vac: regardless of how careful your family is, there will be accidents and spills that occur that can’t simply be cleaned with your vacuum or paper towels. A shop vac can handle almost any mess, including broken glass.

If you are a homeowner, make sure you keep these basic tools in your home so you will be ready for any maintenance repairs or DIY project.